Part 3. Valuing Diversity

In Part 2 of our blog series, “The Case for Diversity,” we addressed the need to understand and define diversity for our own companies, organizations and brands (in the context of where society is moving on these issues). The next step as public relations professional is securing buy-in from leadership […]



Part 2. Defining Diversity 1

Andy McGinnis — PRSA Kansas Diversity Chair   We must talk bluntly about diversity. This century, the United States is positioned to be the most pluralistic, multicultural nation on earth with global ethnic ties. As public relations practitioners, our role is to facilitate two-way communication between an organization and its […]

Part 1. Understanding Diversity

Andy McGinnis — PRSA Kansas Diversity Chair   A very white Academy Awards. Twitter flame wars in the gaming and tech industries over gender issues and inequities. Supreme Court decisions. Second Amendment and gun-safety advocates trading insults on Facebook. Tumblr threads about rape culture and men’s rights activists. Celebrities coming out as transgender. […]