Ethics are quiet amidst sounds of political season

By March 7, 2017 No Comments

As of today, Ben Carson no longer “inches”,  nor “edges” nor “pulls” ahead of Donald Trump in the polls.  He “takes it”, and  “opens up his gain” and “flat out” leads in the rankings.  I’m not going to proliferate on all the theories why this has happened.  But, I do know one thing.  Donald Trump really hasn’t changed his public relations approach one bit.  And, neither has Ben Carson.

Is the American public finally tiring of the brand and the product that is Trump?  Is it coming to realize it’s the man Trump vying for its vote?  If that’s the case, ethics and values begin to make their presence known quickly.  These principals are intangibles that play out in business and in life each and every day, and they usually do it pretty quietly.

When it comes to the current political race, America has heard a lot of a lot of a lot of late, and with Trump its heard it at varying decibels.  Is it just finally time to listen to what’s being said in the quiet?